commentary: 鯉のり金太 (Kinta riding a koi)

Hiroi Michiaki: And, this is… Ah, Kintarō riding a koi.

Mrs. Hiroi: Yeah. Riding a koi. He’s riding a koi.

Hiroi: Kintarō riding a koi.

Mrs. Hiroi: Kintarō.

Paula Curtis: It is a koi, isn’t it.

Hiroi: The koi, too, it’s that koi from koinobori*. It’s not a koi in a pond. So, his mouth is like this and his tail, too, is cut off.

Mrs. Hiroi: It’s cut off.

* Here, Hiroi-sensei is referring to koinobori, or carp streamers, which are special wind socks flown in Japan to Tango no Sekku (Boy’s Day Celebration), a traditional event now designated the national holiday Children’s Day (Kodomo no Hi).


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