About Us

Paula R. Curtis ポーラ・カーティス

Historian, Project Manager

Paula R. Curtis is a scholar of medieval Japanese history. Her research focuses on metal casting artisan associations and their social, economic, and material exchanges with courtiers, and warriors in late medieval period Japan.

Paula is the creator and primary editor of the blog What can I do with a B.A. in Japanese Studies? [shinpaideshou.wordpress.com].

Contact: prcurtis(at)umich.edu
Website: http://www.prcurtis.com

Malina Rose Suity マリナ・ローズ・スーティ

Public Historian, Content Manager

Malina Rose Suity holds a Master’s degree in Public History from the University of West Florida where she took part in a number of oral history interview projects.  She is a consulting historian for Next Exit HistoryTM.

Contact: malina.suity(at)gmail.com

Takeiri Yoshino 竹入淑乃


Yoshino Takeiri is a freelance English-Japanese translator/interpreter. She completed a two-year training program in English-Japanese interpretation at the Japan College of Foreign Language. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Communications from Gakushuin Women’s College in Tokyo. She also holds a National Museum Curator Qualification. She is the English-to-Japanese translator of this website.

Marlowe Zoller マーロ・ザラ

Translation Consultant

Marlowe Zoller (pronouns: they/them/theirs) works in international education. After earning a BA in Cultural and Critical Studies from the University of Denver and an MA in Japan Studies from the University of Michigan, they participated in the JET Programme as a Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) in Ishikawa Prefecture for two years and then worked in Kanazawa for a travel agency. They currently work in international education in the US.

Contact: marlowe.zoller(at)gmail.com