commentary: 雨小僧 (young priests in the rain)

Hiroi Michiaki: And these are young priests in the rain.

Mrs. Hiroi: Yeah.

Hiroi: The young priests in the rain, for some reason, if you spin it one by one they rotate about.

Mrs. Hiroi: Yeah, that’s right, that’s right, that’s right.

Hiroi: This is in there, isn’t it? Ah, Misa-chan–

Misa: Yes.

Hiroi: This is in there, bring it here. Ahh, there it is, there it is. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Janell Landis: That’s one I have too. Dusty, yeah.

Hiroi: It gathers dust quickly, right? Because I’m doing my work [here].

Mrs. Hiroi: Yeah. If you polish it, it has a lot of dust.

Hiroi: This, when you go like this, the places you want to spin will spin for you.

Mrs. Hiroi: The place that you think ‘I want it to spin!’ will spin.

Hiroi: Right now I’m thinking that I want this part to spin, though.

Mrs. Hiroi: It’s not spinning.

Hiroi: Huh, I wonder if it’s not going to spin.

Mrs. Hiroi: It spun, it spun, it spun, it spun. It spun, it spun, it spun.

Hiroi: Right.

Mrs. Hiroi: You can do it as you like.

Hiroi: And, this time, this time I think I want this part to spin. Ah–…

Mrs. Hiroi: It’s not spinning; it’s not spinning. This part is spinning.

Hiroi: If you stop it. Only this part. This.

Janell: It spun. It spun.

Mrs. Hiroi: All of it spun. Look look look.

Hiroi: Spin all of them.

Mrs. Hiroi: We got all of the pieces are spinning. This way of spinning, it’s hard.

Hiroi: No, it’s not that hard. You, you want to try?

Mrs. Hiroi: First, [you have to think of] which part you want to spin. This is all of them, though.

Hiroi: But if you spin the part you want to spin, you often set them all spinning, surprisingly. But the part you wanted to spin–

Janell:Look at all of them together.

Paula Curtis: Ahh this is harder than I thought.

Hiroi: Heh heh heh… It’s that kind of thing.



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