commentary: だるま (daruma)

Hiroi Michiaki: This is a daruma, but I think there’s probably something inside of it.

Janell Landis: It’s a headstand [top].*

*[Editor: A type of top that when spun fast enough flips upside down and spins on the tip of its handle]

Hiroi: There’s something inside, right? Something–

Janell: A string. It has a big head, and–

Hiroi: It spins.

Janell: It’s a headstand top.

Hiroi: Oh really? Ahh, it does stand on its head.

Janell: It’s one of the last ones I got from him.  

Hiroi: Ohh that might be so. This form [of top].

Janell: Yeah. You use it by putting the head down and putting this on, and you pull the string.

Hiroi:  The image on [his stomach] reads kaiun (welcoming good fortune).

Janell: It’s a nice one.


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