commentary: お化けのトビ出し (obake no tobidashi)

Hiroi Michiaki:  What is this? Ah. An obake.

Mrs. Hiroi:  Mm.

Janell Landis:   (laughs)

Hiroi:  This is an obake… leaping out and spinning.

MH:  That thread, you wind it around and pull it and the obake pops out.

HM:   When that happens, this spins and [the obake] leaps out. And this and that part inside also split into two.

MH:  Yeah.

Paula Curtis:  Ohhh.

HM:   This is the obake and this is the obake’s husk. So… oh, but does it become three? One, two, three. It becomes three. And the lid, that makes it four. It turns round and round.


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