commentary: 招き猫 (manekineko)

Hiroi Michiaki: This is a maneki neko (beckoning cat). And it’s raising its right paw. If their right paws are raised, it’s [beckoning] money [to come to you]. If it’s the left paw, it’s inviting people. And this one has the right, so it’s inviting money. Ahh, there’s money placed with it [in the photograph]. Heh heh heh. Long ago, if it was in Edo [contemporary Tokyo], the left paw up [meant money], and if you went to Kansai, it was the right. But nowadays the left is for money and the right is for people. Sometimes both are raised, though. But you shouldn’t do that. Heh heh heh. Because it’s a catch 22, wanting both money and people and raising both hands.



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