commentary: 後ろの正面 (behind you [Kagome Kagome])

Hiroi Michiaki: And this… ahh, this is called “Behind You,”* that “It’s Behind You!” children-

Mrs. Hiroi: Children play it.

Hiroi: —play it; it’s a type of game from long ago. You pick someone to be an oni (ogre) [in the middle], and the oni’s children are playing [around them]. And the oni parent covers their eyes, and if you spin this, the oni spins around and around, and this turns while it spins. And while singing you do it like this, and an older girl says, “Who’s behind you?!” and everyone suddenly stops. And the oni will name who’s in front of them, like “It’s so-and-so!” and the others go “You got it! [Or] you’re wrong!” It’s a children’s game. I’ve made them oni, so, it’s not the normal children [in the game, where only the one in the middle is an oni], but [now] an oni and oni children.


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