commentary: 久米の仙人 (Kume no sennin)

Hiroi Michiaki: Umm. This is Kume no Sennin.

Mrs. Hiroi: Yeah.

Hiroi: Kume no Sennin, long ago… This is Kume no Sennin. Ah, this one. Wait…. yes. This one. He was an immortal (sennin) and rode on a cloud. Mmm, he was a person who lived up in the mountains, like a monk. He also loved young women, and when he was going about up on his cloud, two young women were doing their laundry in a stream. And he peeked at them from up on his cloud and he fell, you see, to the ground. He was an immortal and he died because he fell to the earth. It’s that sort of, what should you call it– a cautionary tale. It’s a top that tells the story of how that sort of thing is bad.


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