commentary: どうだ、金太郎が鬼退治 (How about that! Kintarō Exterminated the Oni)

Hiroi Michiaki: And this, actually it’s Momotaro who goes to exterminate the oni [ogre], but in this top, Kintaro gets there and does it first [while Momotaro is still in the peach]. And the oni are upset and biting onto [Kintaro’s]* legs, and Momotaro sticks his head out of his peach, and looks upset that Kintaro has beat [him to the punch]. And if you spin this, this part spins about. And [Kintaro]* is triumphant. And the oni were exterminated and [Momotaro] is disappointed, and [the oni] children are bitter and biting at [Kintaro]*. And now that it’s Momotaro’s turn [to exterminate the oni and the job is already done] he doesn’t know what to do.

*Hiroi-sensei mistakenly says Momotaro here, but means Kintaro.


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