commentary: つるかめと女男茶わん(crane and turtle his and hers teacups)

Hiroi Michiaki: This one is…

Mrs. Hiroi: There are tops hidden in the teacups.

Hiroi: This, um…

Mrs. Hiroi: It’s a good relationship.

Hiroi: They’re “his and hers” teacups, and cranes and turtles, is it? The lid here becomes a top, and here the cranes and turtles, which are good omens in Japan for, err, what is it- symbols of longevity? A crane is a thousand years, and a turtle ten thousand. They’re an auspicious combination for longevity.  And here is… this is probably okame andhyottoko.** (see above)

Mrs. Hiroi: Yeah.

Hiroi: Yeah, it’s okame and hyottoko.

Mrs. Hiroi: Hyottoko goes in one of the cups.

Hiroi: Mmm. It’s here [in the picture] but you can’t see the face, so. It’s okame andhyottoko. This is for good spousal relations so it’s okame and hyottoko. They’re not necessarily very handsome-looking.


For Japanese, see this page.

For video, see this page.

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