commentary: かぼちゃ喰いねずみ (kabocha-eating mouse)

Hiroi Michiaki: And this is…

Mrs. Hiroi: The kabocha-eating mouse.

Hiroi: It’s called the kabocha-eating mouse. This also happens to be something that’s good luck.

Mrs. Hiroi: When you spin it, the [mouse] pops its head out from the kabocha.

Hiroi: Inside the kabocha, the mouse is inside building a nest. When you spin it, all these different mice poke their faces in and out of it from the four directions. And this red mouse, red is for the south, so [he’s facing] south. And yellow, yellow is… is this yellow or white?

Mrs. Hiroi: It’s white.

Hiroi: But it looks like it’s yellow.

Mrs. Hiroi: It’s not yellow, it’s white.

Hiroi: It must be white. White is west, isn’t it…

Mrs. Hiroi: Yeah, that’s right.

Hiroi: These, these are colors indicating the four directions.


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