commentary: うん (un)

Hiroi Michiaki: This is an interesting one. It’s Momotaro and I think there’s another one around here somewhere that has an oni (ogre). Umm, there was one with an oni earlier and it has an interesting story. There’s no oni on this one, I think. Huh? I think there was an oni. Somewhere. Ahh, it’s different than the oni.

This is from before Momotaro goes to the island of demons to exterminate them. Before that he’s extremely nervous and has to go to the bathroom. Heh heh heh. He’s trying really hard. If you spin it, it plops from the bottom. It will come out of ones that are made well. You spin it. In Japan, if you do that, it’s good luck. It’s called an unkoma 運独楽 (luck top). It’s said you’re spinning luck. And another [meaning here] is that the next time there’s an oni battle, Momotaro is coming to fight them, and he’s nervous and feels like he’s going to wet himself, and [the top] rattles about like this like he’s going to [pee himself]. I think the oni [top] is somewhere in here.  


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