Welcome! ようこそ!

Photo by ariTV.
Photo by ariTV.

Welcome to Carving Community: The Landis-Hiroi Collection. 日本語でのごあいさつは英語のWelcomeメッセージの下にあります。

Carving Community is a digital exhibit and archive chronicling the friendship and artwork of two remarkable individuals. Janell Landis had been a missionary and English teacher in Sendai, Japan, for around 30 years when she met Hiroi Michiaki, an artisan specializing in Edogoma, or traditional hand-carved spinning tops. Janell became his  first female apprentice and life-long friend. This is the story of their lives and the story of two cultures in communication through art.

[You can read more about the story behind this project and its creators in our About the Project page. 日本語はこちらへ]

Our intent is to archive and present Janell’s and Hiroi-sensei’s lives and accomplishments through new content, posted twice monthly, based on the oral interviews, photographs, and other media we have collected over the course of this year-long project. All content will appear in both English and Japanese. We will begin by posting interview excerpts about our subject’s early lives and photographs of Hiroi-sensei’s work in the coming months.

Though we are still working at the task of transcribing and translating the original oral interviews, our ultimate goal is to have full transcripts in both English and Japanese available for anyone to read for pleasure or academic research.

We are so excited to share this unique history with the world. You can help us achieve this goal by sharing this webpage with your friends and following our updates via the “Follow” button on the right.

Once again, we welcome you!

Back to front, left to right: Maeda (apprentice), Malina, Paula, Nisa (apprentice), Janell, Hiroi-sensei, Mrs. Hiroi.


[ プロジェクトを始めた背景や作品の作者についての情報などは「プロジェクトについて」のページで紹介しています ]

Photo by ariTV.
Photo by ariTV.

私たちは一年越しのプロジェクトで蒐集した実際のインタビュー、写真、その他のメディアをもとにして ジャネルさんと廣井先生の人生やその中でお二人が成し遂げてきたことを月2回の投稿で紹介していこうと思います。すべてのコンテンツは日英両言語で閲覧できます。まずはお互いに出会う前までのお二人の人生についてインタビュー記録からの抜粋と廣井先生の作品の写真を投稿するところから始めようと思います。

まだ実際のインタビューを文字に起こし翻訳する作業の途中ではありますが、私たちの最終的なゴールはアカデミックな研究のためであれ 個人が楽しむためであれ 誰もが読めるように日英両言語でインタビューのすべてを文字に起こし提供することにあります。


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